First things first

Hey everyone,

As probably you have already noted the tagline, this site is about healthy personal finance practices, investment choices, personal insurance, as well as things that I would keep in mind while doing financial planning for myself.

As a layman, I had always been curious about the terms like financial planner, investment advisor, money management, and such heavy words. And believe me, it came a bit​ easy acquiring knowledge about those things rather than just being curious. Also, having associated with financial field I come across a lot of people most of whom are little interested in such terms. Some of them are interested but have made wrong choices in selecting financial products such as insurance etc… That’s because of the lack of requisite knowledge regarding selecting financial products that suits them best. And let me tell you, I myself, had been such a person for quite a some time.

For this very purpose, my posts here will be concise, and in simple terms as far as possible. I will be covering range of topics under Financial Planning (FP) and  making healthy financial decisions that can bring the desired outcome, putting my best efforts to make available whatever knowledge I have, to anyone to whom it could be useful.

So that’s it. Thanks

Will be back soon…

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